No investment, nor hidden cost. It is simple, flexible and secure.


Amazing software ready to use in few clicks!

Whether you are looking for a CRM, an agile project management tools, an industry specific software or you have budget limitations, high quality demand and strict security requirements, we are here to help.

Our platform offers a variety of incredible software that suit you. Choose your favorite app and run it easily and safely in three steps. It is flexible, simple and fast.

Amazing software ready to use in few clicks!

Key business benefits.

Keep full control.

Keep your freedom to activate features or upgrade when you want to meet requirements of your business processes, rather than depending on SaaS providers' policies.

Save time

Make your choice from incredible software that we've carefully selected. Their deployment has been automated and subject matter consultants are covered too.

Reduce costs

Eliminate high costs of software license, user-based subscription fees or to maintain expensive IT systems and work force. Only pay for what you need.


Securely access your apps from anywhere or any device such as your smartphone, tablet and computer. Run on any public or private cloud.

Data security

From daily data backup&restore to secure access and control, we protect your business information and enable you to set your own security policies.

Virtual IT Team.

Focus on your business while we do it for you. A subject matter expert is available 24x7 to help you. It is simple and easy.

Thousands of companies use this approach to grow their businesses. Join us to get more information and we are here to help.

 A seamless communication between your business App is as important as for your teams.

A seamless communication between your business App is as important as for your teams.

Rather than spreading your business data across different SaaS providers, our plateform enables you to consolidate your business data at the same place for a better control and an easy integration.

We provide a user friendly management tools that enables you to control your apps, users, resources usage and more at the same place.

Access control is centralized using Single Sign-on tools, meaning that each end-users in your business use a single credential to access almost all software they have been granted access to.

This simplifies provisioning of new users, facilitates access control and reduces the risk of mistakes.

Our expertise

What do we do for our customers?
  • Cloud and on-premise IT solutions.

    From IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, Hybrid Cloud or on-premise solution, our experts help gladly.

  • Software developments

    Predominantly qualified to deliver web-based and mobile apps, but can help on legacy software.

  • Solution integration

    Integration of existing solution or industries specific system to customer's business process.


Where can we help?
  • On which IT part can we help?

    Our software expertise covers ERP, CRM, Accounting software, Inventory management and more. Check our catalogue.

  • Who are our customers?

    Our solutions are tailored for small, medium and large businesses across multiple industries.

  • Our global presence

    We serve customers globally from London, Amsterdam, Cameroon offices and our partners.

Why did they choose us?

 Reliable software as easy to use as consumer products.

Secure and up-to-date: ACESY offers superior transparency, security and control Simple and easy-to-use: Reliable software as easy to use as consumer products.

Accessible from anywhere and on any device: Users can access company applications quickly and easily from anywhere and from any device. Run Any Major cloud: Hosted in your private datacentre, any public cloud or in hybrid cloud.

Trusted and flexible: Increases both safety, productivity and efficiency. Flexibly integrated into the existing environment Multipurpose platform: Offers capabilities needed by end user applications, software developer and support team.

Our Customers

We've helped hundreds of clients with custom server solutions, enabling them to operate much more efficient and secure than they ever did before.

Frequently asked questions!

Access our catalog and deploy software with just an internet connection: no installation, no specific hardware required. It works with any iPad, Tablet PC, laptop.

1. Go to our catalog. Here, you use filters and the search box to identify a suitable software, Order it and choose how you would like to register and use. Get one free domain name for one year (When you have active service), Launch your software on Alandy Cloud free of charge or to any major public cloud (such as Google, Amazon, Azure, etc.) or even in house.

2. An email is sent to you with instruction. Access your secure and private space on to use your software and manage them.

3. If you need help, check our online help or contact us 24x7 and we are love to help.

Any business function software such as ERP, CRM, inventory and project management, Accounting software, Collaboration tools, Webservice, etc. our platform provides unlimited software which ready to run for private use or for company in any industry and any country.

For software developers, individual or full stacked development platforms are available for your use hassle free.

No problem. You can bring your own software or tell us the one you want and we will put it live immediately and notify you.

Yes, Although the underlining software technology may influence add challenges, whatever software you are willing to use is supported. However you should always ensure that the owner grants the right to use.

Yes, Although the underlining software technology may influence add challenges, whatever software you are willing to use is supported. However you should always ensure that the owner grants the right to use.

No, we don't charge the subscription fee per user. Your software is free of charge. However, we do charge infrastructure fees per month/quarter/year and/or service fees for our subject matter experts engagement.

It depends. If you have launched the software in our cloud or any public cloud as an Internet connection is always required to use it. If you decide to launch in house, you won't necessarily need an Internet connection but this comes with investment for your infrastructure and mobility may be restricted.

For SMB, Start-Up, Entreprise seeking to reduce IT costs, etc. a number of business management software is available for any field to help for you.

For programmers, a number of software development tools and environment is available and are adjustable to fit your style.

No, In many case you can do it yourself. However, if you are stuck our subject matter experts are available to assist. This enable you to avoid high costs to associated with employing high skills engineers or hiring a consultant. We help in the timely manner.

Our hotline is available to help 24x7. Contact us by your preferred mean.

Yes! While we keep the complex part of the system away from you, we provide flexibility for knowledge user to securely access core of the system such as shell access. Please contact us to arrange this type of access if needed.

We aim at deploying your software and send access instructions to you instantaneously after you have confirmed your order. Should this not work 60 minutes later, please let us know.

Our systems are deployed in highly protected data center in Europe but in some case we use those other part of the world which we deem commercially reasonable. We exert high level of effort to ensure that your data are securely stored and is accessible when you need it.

We take security of your data seriously.

  • Backup month or daily to ensure recovery in case of disaster,
  • Encryption to prevent unauthorized access,
  • SSL encryption of communication between your data and your users or other systems you want,
  • Single sign-on to reduce as much software as possible.

Please visit the contact us page.

Enabling growth!?

The simplicity, flexibility and the future of your business.

Amazing Open software that allow IT to easily extend core functionalities as needed to meet the company’s evolving needs. From enterprise team collaborations tools, enterprise resource planning (ERP) or software development platforms, ACESY allows you to leave data where it lives while exposing secure access to users on any device from anywhere.